Safety Recall 47N9 – Brake Calipers

mk7 golf gti brake caliper recall

Brake Caliper Recall for the MK7 Golf , GTI and Golf SportWagen vehicles. Main reason for the MK7 Golf GTI / Sportwagon safety recall ? Gas bubbles may form in the brake system due to insufficient chrome coating of the brake caliper pistons. If this happens, braking performance may be reduced which can increase the […]

Changing MK7 Golf Brake Pads | Required Tools

Tools for changing MK7 golf brakes Special Tools Needed For Mk7 VW GTI Brake ReplacementReplacing the brakes on your Mk7 GTI is one of the easiest jobs to DIY in the comfort of your own driveway, garage, or even in the street in front of your apartment. Spending a few hours doing this job yourself […]

Reviewed mk7 Golf GTI Brake pads

mk7 golf brake discs and pads review

Reviewed MK7 Golf GTI Brake pads Not all Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI designs come furnished with a brake pad wear sensor, with 2015 models in particular not coming outfitted with the sensor choice. The pad wear sensor is commonly set up on the left front inner brake pad if provided with the choice. The base […]

Best tyres for VW Golf MK7 TDI

Best tyres for VW Golf MK7 TDI

Best tyres for VW Golf MK7 TDI Looking for tyres for your MK7 Golf TDI, we have done the digging to give you some rated and reviewed tyres specifically for the MK7 Golf TDI. We have selected the top 3 driving category’s for the MK7 Golf TDI that include Fast road / Track tyres, Daily […]

Guide Post

Common Golf MK7 Faults A common list of vehicle faults that are most seen in the MK7 Volkswagen Golf.  For a full list of fault codes and descriptions please see  Ross Tech : MK7 Golf – Powertrain Issues The powertrains being described below are the gasoline-powered variants, as those are the most common ones you stumble […]