Common Golf MK7 Faults

A common list of vehicle faults that are most seen in the MK7 Volkswagen Golf

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MK7 Golf – Powertrain Issues
The powertrains being described below are the gasoline-powered variants, as those are the most common ones you stumble upon in the North American market. The BlueMotion diesel motor will certainly be covered in a separate short article.

1. MK7 Golf GTI –  Turbo Failure 

Early 2015 GTI designs had issues with the turbo failing. The good news is, Volkswagen caught this trouble early, and updates were made to the turbo to stop it from happening. Most of the cars were fixed under guarantee, so make certain to inspect your car’s service documents.

2. The Cooling System – MK7 Golf water pump Fault
The water pump as well as thermostat are one system, and the thermostat housing is made from plastic. Heat recirculation of the engine compels the plastic to increase in size  when it is hot then contracts when it cools down, causing the housing to warp or split over time.

3. Sump Or Oil pan warping in the MK7 Golf
The oil pan is made of plastic as well as has a plastic drain plug. This plug has to be changed after every service. Failure to do so can cause the sump plug to leak. Heat cycling of the sump / oil pan is likewise a problem that can create the sump pan and or drain plug to warp.

4. Clutch Failure in the MK7 Golf
Be mindful the mk7 Golf clutch is very weak if you own a in both Manuel and dsg Golf’s, particularly the GTI, or R as well as strategy to upgrade the efficiency. 

5. Subframe Stretch Bolts – Golf MK7
The subframe bolts are torque to produce and also have stretching problems causing a clicking or a banging sound in the front end when negotiating  bumps, stopping, or difficult cornering. If you encounter this noise, it is very common and also conveniently corrected.

Lifestyle issues

Quality-of-life concerns are something you will certainly enter contact with on a regular basis, as well as they can make your life with an automobile much harder. These are concerns that range from a minor trouble to downright excruciating problems.

6. Hood / bonnet release Wire
The hood release cable breaking is an incredibly typical problem on the MK7. The bonnet catch is really two wires with a union above the O/S/F headlamp. This union includes a metal sphere as well as a plastic coupling. The cord with the plastic coupling takes serious force to relocate as well as is popular for taking off. You can no longer open the bonnet when this occurs.

7. Bonnet catch Handle
On the various other end of the bonnet release exists the take care of, which has its own issue. The cable has a metal round at the end that sits in a pocket inside the deal with. Considering that the cable television requires so much stress to run, the pocket in the deal with can break.

8. Washer Bottle Sensor 
The liquid  sensor inside the window washer tank is recognized to accumulate pollutants and also provide a false analysis on the dashboard stating to include washing  fluid low or empty. This is simple to identify when the light is on and the storage tank is full; you know who the wrongdoer is. Replace the washer bottle sensor.

9. Water Attack
When the MK7 Golfs were first released, there was a significant concern with water attack. The framework that contains the sunroof is made from plastic, as well as it functions as a rain gutter. When the assemblies were mounted in the factory, the torque specs were too expensive, creating some to crack as well as allow water go into the cabin.

10. Sunroof Drains pipes
On all 4 edges of the sunroof, assembly is long drainpipe tubes that channel water out of the tracks as well as safely to the ground under the cars and truck. With time, these tubes can get blocked with debris creating water to back up and get in the cars and truck. This can be avoided by regularly opening up the sunroof and also examining the drains pipes for standing water. Never make use of compressed air to clean the drains if you discover water. The stress can create the pipe to detach, and the headliner should be removed to remedy it.

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